Naturopathic Doctors Explain Women’s Immune Health

This infographic examines women’s immune health, including: the top threats to immune health, inflammation, cancer, autoimmune disorders, allergies, asthma, skin conditions and more.

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Five Questions About Chiropractic

According to a new Gallup report commissioned by Palmer College of Chiropractic, 33.6 million U.S. adults (14 percent) seek chiropractic care each year.

The report, officially named, the “Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Inaugural Report: Americans’ Perceptions of Chiropractic,” also indicates that more than half of U.S. adults view doctors of chiropractic positively and agree they’re effective at treating neck and back pain.

Key highlights:

  • Two-thirds (61 percent) of adult Americans believe chiropractors are effective at treating neck and back pain.
  • The majority (57 percent) of adults are likely to see a chiropractor for neck or back pain.
  • More than 1/2 of all U.S. adults have visited a chiropractor, and more than 1/4 of them would choose chiropractic care first for back or neck pain.
  • Nearly 1/2 of all U.S. adults don’t know if their insurance covers chiropractic care.

This first-ever nationally representative annual survey measured perceptions of, and experiences with, chiropractic among U.S. adults. The survey will be repeated for at least two more years as part of Palmer College’s on-going effort to study and advance the profession’s identity and public understanding of chiropractic care.

Highlights of the study are available online from Gallup. The full report also is online. In addition, a scientific article based on this research, titled “Public Perceptions of Doctors of Chiropractic: Results of a National Survey and Examination of Variation According to Respondents’ Likelihood to Use Chiropractic, Experience With Chiropractic, and Chiropractic Supply in Local Health Care Markets,” was published by the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT).

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Sports Chiropractor

Competing as an athlete is tougher than ever.  Against mounting competition, even minor improvements in performance can make a huge difference on the field.  That’s why athletes are increasingly turning to chiropractors specializing in sports care to hep them train more effectively, prevent injuries and reduce recovery times.  Infographic provided by


Managing Electricians in the Field: Tools to Help Them Succeed

Losing a potential customer due to an error on a quote or a missed appointment is not only embarrassing, but also avoidable. Having all-in-one field service software that is customized for electricians makes it easy to be efficient, error-free and on time every time! Our infographic includes stats on how using this type of software increases productivity including helping workers complete jobs 20% faster and accomplishing 47% more jobs each day!

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Parenting in the Digital Age

There’s no denying that being a parent has changed a lot in the past 20-30 years. Since most teens tend to stay in front of a gadget instead of going outside and play, it can be very hard for a parent to use the same approach as a few decades ago.

Being a parent nowadays can be overwhelming especially since it can be very hard to limit our kids when it comes to smartphone usage. Such devices have become a necessity and while they do a lot of good, they can also harm kids as well.

It can be hard to find the perfect balance between being a great parent all while offering your child the freedom he wants. And with the digital addiction being one of the major issues that teenagers have to face nowadays, it can be very challenging for a parent to find the right approach in this digital age.

We thought long and hard about parenting in the digital age here at Family Orbit and with that in mind we created our latest Infographic. Here you can find out more about teens and smartphones, what digital addiction means for kids, what sexting does to them and how online predators can affect their lives! At the end of the Infographic you can also find some of the bestdigital parenting techniques that will help you keep your child safe, techniques that will help you obtain incredible results in a short amount of time.  Infographic provided by


Neutraceutical Merchant Accounts

The Nutraceutical Industry Often Struggles with Merchant Accounts to Accept Credit Cards.

Recently, for instance, one of the world’s largest acquiring (or processing) banks shut down their entire portfolio of nutraceutical merchant accounts leaving thousands of legitimate domestic and international nutritional supplement manufacturers without a means to service their customers.  Having a merchant account provider who understands your industry, is stable, and has the power of multiple banking relationships is essential to the success of any nutra product.  If you are looking for a new or better nutraceutical business merchant account or are simply tired of having to get a new account every 6 months, read on.

Download our infographic to learn more.

risk 1Why are Nutraceuticals Targeted as High Risk Merchant Accounts?

First lets look at why the nutraceutical industry is considered high risk for accepting credit cards.  To keep it simple there are 3 main categories that cause the nutraceutical industry to labeled as High Risk for merchant services.

Nutra Merchant Accounts and Chargebacks.

The nutraceutical industry, unfortunately, has a history of a high chargeback ratios which deters acquiring banks from working with nutra merchant accounts.  The chargeback system was originally designed to protect consumers from credit card fraud or product misrepresentation.  The nutra industry has a relatively high amount of chargebacks simply due to the highly diverse category it encompasses and its most commonly used business model.  The nature of the nutraceutical sales cycle often utilizes marketing that offers “free” samples followed by automated shipments and recurring billing.  If the recurring payments have not been properly disclosed or if the business makes it difficult to cancel their subscription then the consumer will have the card issuing bank fight the charges.  Additionally, there is often times a fine line between marketing and creating inflated consumer expectations.  If a consumer is dissatisfied or feels misled once again they will have their Credit Card company charge the merchandise back to the merchant.  Finally, some nutraceutical manufacturers have poor or outsourced customer service making it difficult for consumers to manage their accounts, get additional information, or return products which once again can trigger chargebacks.  Managing your nutraceutical’s chargebacks and keeping the ratio low through good disclosures, customer service, and of course quality products will make getting and maintaining a merchant account much easier as well as increase your profit margins.

Neutraceuticals are Monitored by Vague Legal Guidelines.

Another consideration that deters most banks from working with Nutraceutical businesses is that there are vague or misunderstood legal guidelines.  Underwriters have the job of screening new merchant accounts for fraudulent or illegal products and to protect the bank from financial and legal risk.  Unfortunately, the nutraceutical industry falls into a grey area and has often been used as a front to distribute and sell illegal products, such as hallucinogens, before the DEA has a chance to recognize and flag them.  When this does happen the acquiring bank is often left with a large liability.  Additionally, many nutraceuticals are distributed on an international level meaning that there is little control over ingredients and claims.  This history combined with the fact that most nutraceutical accounts do not have the endorsement of the FDA means that (to an underwriter) it is possible the products are based on unfounded claims.  Thus, another reason for Nutraceuticals to be placed in the High Risk/High Chargeback category.

Nutraceuticals tend to be High Volume Merchant Accountsdownload 4

Successful Nutraceutical manufacturers tend to have high volumes of credit card transactions (over $200,000/month).  You would think that processing banks would like that since they are making money based on credit card sales volume, however, underwriters look at it as even more exposure to liability when combined with the industry’s chargeback history and vague legal issues.

So How do you find a Nutraceutical Merchant Services provider you can count on?


The best way to find a reliable, reputable, and fair High Risk Merchant Service provider who is happy to work with your industry can be a challenge.  All too often, unfortunately, it seems that their lofty promises are met with failure, incredibly high rates, and high pressure sales representatives.  In order to find a quality high risk processor simply ask questions like:

How long have you been in high risk merchant services?

How many Domestic and how many International banks do you work with?

Where are your international banks located?

How often will I receive deposits?

Do you offer 24/7 service centers?

If your nutra business works on an international level make sure to ask if they have the ability to work and convert multiple currencies?

Not only should your representative be able to answer those questions without hesitation but do so professionally.

Looking for a Nutra Merchant Services Provider That You Can Count On?

images 1Bankcard Brokers has long standing relationships with some of the world’s premier Tier 1, 2, and 3 acquiring banks.  Their worldwide network and partnerships offer multi-currency options, a security team that specializes in monitoring high risk merchant accounts to help protect your business while significantly reducing your chargeback ratio, and a friendly team of certified payment professionals.

Bankcard Brokers will not only get your nutraceutical merchant account approved but set it up so that you can depend on it for years to come.  Stop worrying about finding a new account every 6 months or having to manage multiple payment providers Guardian will do it all for you!professionals to make worrying about your merchant account a thing of the past!

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Demolition Contractors Explain Long Reach vs. High Reach Excavators

These days demolition contractors don’t truly “demolish “buildings. In fact, they are strategically dismantled and removed piece by piece, using long-reach and high-reach excavators, as well as other construction equipment, in versatile ways.

These powerful tools are the linchpins of modern demolition. Their versatility and unique capabilities have enabled the industry to meet the increasingly complex demolition needs in cities such as Portland, Oregon where old buildings are often extracted from crowded neighborhood blocks to make way for new construction.

Here’s a look at the top challenges Oregon demolition contractors face—and how excavators help overcome them.

Demolition in the Big City

Over the past few years, economic growth in Portland has fueled demand for demolition services. Around 300 houses are demolished in Portland each year, and 110 commercial buildings were approved for demo in 2013 alone. Many of the demolitions occur in tight urban or neighborhood spaces, where traditional methods couldn’t safely remove a building without putting nearby people and structures at risk.

“In crowded cities there are tougher controls over demolition,” says The Economist. “With excavator arms that now reach up 12 stories, demolition firms can ‘chew a building apart’ from the top down.”

Eco-consciousness has also had a big impact on building demolition. Portland and many other forward-thinking cities have placed a high premium on sustainability, requiring “responsible management of debris generated by construction and demolition activities.”

The average 2,500 square-foot home can contain more than 25 tons of debris, most of which has traditionally ended up in landfills. Excavators make it possible to break down and sort up to 90 percent of a building’s materials for reuse or recycling—compared to 40 percent using conventional methods.

That’s why more than 99 percent of demolition work is now performed by specialized equipment such as excavators.

How Excavators Work

Since the first hydraulic excavator was built in 1951, these machines have played an influential role in construction. With the ability to shovel up as much as 57 cubic yards of debris, they made digging ditches, foundations and basements much faster.

Over the years, those early ditch-digging excavators evolved to tackle other types of projects as well. Demolition contractors began using them to scoop out debris from demolition sites. Excavators not only sped up the job, but they made demolition safer. Oregon demolition firms became more operator-driven than labor-driven; instead of having more people risking injury on the job, a few operators could complete the work faster and from a much safer vantage point.

Today’s excavators come in a variety of sizes, with all sorts of safety and utility features. (The world’s largest weighs more than 2 million pounds.) There are two main types of excavators: long-reach and high-reach. Although they look similar in many ways, they perform two distinct functions.

Long-reach excavators: These machines extend horizontally, allowing demolition contractors to reach inside a building and break apart or scoop out its insides. Although they can reach as far as 150 feet, they’re not made for upper-story work. Demolition companies most often use them for digging out rubble and salvaging scrap metal from a building’s interior. By attaching a pair of shears, for example, a contractor can cut a building apart, gnawing through steel columns thick enough to support 20 stories.

High-reach excavators: These are the giraffes of the demolition world, built to reach a building’s highest stories. They can extend as high as 160 feet—some are capable of taking down a 10-story building. Without high-reach excavators, demolition contractors would have to put machines on top of structures and work their way down. They also excel at precision demolition in tight spaces.

In many ways, these excavators have revolutionized building demolition; Portland contractors rely on them to meet tight timelines and strict city regulations. Instead of blunt force, they apply surgical precision. Take a look at our infographic to learn more about the incredible tasks this amazing equipment is capable of performing.

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Your Guide to Farmers Markets in Portland



Dating back to 1730 and originating in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, folks have been buying fresh and local goods from farmer’s markets.

Farmers’ markets are popular worldwide and most often reflect the local culture of their surrounding areas. These bastions of deliciousness offer a myriad of treats from meat and vegetables to cooking demonstrations and fun foodie events. Here farmers and many others sell their goods directly to consumers.

These markets are growing rapidly across the United States. The USDA stated that the number of farmers markets in the United States increased 68 percent over the last 15 years, from 5,000 markets in 2008 to 8,411 in 2015.

What are the Economic Benefits of Farmer’s Markets?

Did you know that farmer’s markets impact more than just their shoppers? They have been shown to affect the local economy as well. The increase of a vendor’s personal income and increased job creation are just some of the contributing factors. For example, vendors at farmers’ markets are liable to see increased profits by selling products to the local community than by selling them to a wholesaler.

According to the USDA, “When food is produced, processed, distributed and sold all within the same region, more money stays in the local economy.  This leads to economic development and job creation.  Farmers markets provide opportunities for small farmers and businesses to sell their products, and they help meet the growing demand for locally produced food.  Being able to quickly and directly market to the consumer gives farmers important income opportunities without the added costs of shipping, storage and inventory control.”

Why Do People Flock to Farmers Markets?

It’s all about consumer demand. More and more people want to purchase food that is both healthy and sustainable. The desire for fresh produce, meats, dairy and more, free of additives and chemicals, has been increasing for decades. This is in part due to the public wanting to increase their personal health, increase the positive ecological impact of sustainability, and their awareness of how industrial agriculture can negatively impact human health and the environment as a whole. lists even more reasons why people buy sustainably:

  • To save family farms
  • Promote animal welfare
  • Protect and support rural communities
  • Empower and protect workers

Your Guide to Farmers’ Markets in Portland, Oregon

Eating Well Magazine rated the Portland Farmers Market one of the five best in the United States. What did they base their research on? A few things:

  • Variety of local foods
  • Number of workshops and demonstrations
  • Quality control
  • Focus on education
  • And more!

The Portland Farmers Market offers a bevy of markets Portlanders can visit to satisfy their cravings for fresh fare. From the Lents International Farmers Market in southeast to the market in historic Kenton in the northwest, the city and surrounding areas are awash in all that is fresh and edible!

Check out our latest infographic.  Keep in mind; these are not the only farmers markets in our area! We invite you to explore more and enjoy all our fair city has to offer.

Facebook or SEO: Which is Better?

Two primary marketing channels for webmasters these days are SEO and social. Though, let’s be honest here; when we talk about social marketing, we’re mostly just talking about Facebook. Sometimes Twitter squeezes in, and sometimes LinkedIn, Google+, and a few others pop their heads in, but Facebook is where it’s at.

There’s a bit of a misconception out there that you should focus your efforts on one or the other. Facebook marketing is part of an overall large marketing plan. So is SEO, which is itself comprised of onsite factors and external content marketing and link building.

Savvy marketers know that you can do all of this together. You can do paid ads on and off Facebook, you can do link building that involves both social networks and blogs, you can work with organic SEO, and a lot more. However, for the sake of this post – and the graphicwe’re comparing Facebook marketing with organic SEO.  Infographic provided by


Unique Challenges Franchise Businesses Face with Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Lets face it, while franchises have many benefits (including brand recognition, a proven business model and a support system) they also present some unique challenges for both the franchisee and franchiser. Here at NetSearch Direct, we believe having the right team of Franchise SEO and PPC specialists on your side can make a huge impact not only in your digital marketing success, but your business as a whole. We have direct experience working with over 10 franchises and many other multi-location businesses. We have put together the infographic below to help franchise businesses recognize some of the hurdles they are likely to face on the road to digital marketing success.  Infographic provided by


Portland Summer Guide

Every Portlander knows the yearly drill: January – rain, February – wind and rain, March – hail and rain, April –allergies and schizophrenic weather, and May – always an unknown. And the thoughts that fill our minds during these long months include, but are not limited to, when will it stop raining and when’s the next Columbia sale?  Infographic provided by


Maintaining a Power Plant with Humidity Control

When left unchecked, humidity within a power plant can have disastrous consequences. Moisture in the air can cause severe worker discomfort, provides the perfect environment for dangerous corrosion, and can ultimately be responsible for premature equipment failure.

It’s obvious to see why keeping power plant workers is important, but did you know that work output decreases 40-50% when indoor tempoeratures reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit without sufficient ventilation? More importantly, workers can risk serious heat illness and heat stroke symptoms without proper humidity control. The body stops evaporating sweat altogether when relative humidity reaches 90%.

When it comes to equipment, moisture and humidity cause serious concern. The U.S. power industry alone experienced $23 billion in plant repairs, worker injury, and increased downtime due to corrosion alone. Corrosion repairs account for the majority of total production costs, resulting in nearly three-fourths of a plant’s downtime (i.e. business losses).

Implementing humidity control strategies can have immeasurable positive impacts on a power plant’s operations. However, over two thirds of power plants routinely fails to protect the boiler during layups, and only about 6% protect the turbine from corrosion and humidity-related damage.

Contact Polygon to learn more about effective power plant layup strategies and the equipment your plant will need to protect the plant and your workers.  Infographic provided by


Online Shopping Tends for Scrubs

There are roughly 9.1 million health care professionals who wear scrubs in the United States. A vast majority of them work long hours, which leaves little room in the schedule for scrub shopping. Fortunately, there is a way to stock up on scrub uniforms without having to leave the clinic, hospital, or dental office early. Buying scrubs online takes the headache out of finding the perfect set of stylish scrubs.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and sizes, which ensures that you’ll always get a comfortable fit. This is probably why health care professionals spent a median of $350 on scrubs, footwear, and accessories in the past year. Furthermore, they spent $200 on scrubs alone, and 99% of them purchased scrub tops or bottoms over the course of the past year.

According to the 2014 URA Scrub Market Study that involved 186 scrub retailers, 97% of the participants had a brick-and-mortar storefront, while 47% sold their scrubs online. The research also revealed that approximately 29% of their customers were RNs and APRNs, while LPNs and LVNs made up roughly 33% of their customer base. This is further proof that online scrub shopping is becoming increasingly popular in the health care industry.

Click here to Download the PDF version

In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that 53% of Americans shopped online in 2011, and this figure is expected to reach 58% by this year. Another study found that more than 198 million Americans purchased at least one item online in 2015. That’s roughly 78% of the United States population. Mobile shopping is on the rise, as well, with 22% of men and 18% of women using their mobile devices to make a purchase in 2015.

Benefits of Buying Scrubs Online

There are a variety of benefits associated with buying scrub uniforms online, such as:

  • Convenience: There is no need to take time out of your busy schedule to travel to the nearest scrub You simply visit the website, search for the right scrub tops and bottoms, and then make your purchase. It’s as simple as that. The virtual scrub shop is open round the clock, giving you the power to peruse when it’s most convenient for you. Plus, you don’t have to sit in traffic, wait in long lines, or deal with nasty weather.
  • Vast inventory: There is a scrub set to suit every style. Online scrub shopping gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of patterns and colors in the comfort of your own home. There are even tips and tricks online that can help you select the right uniform for your body type and skin tone, from V-neck tops to flare-cut bottoms.
  • Saves money: The only costs you have to consider are the scrubs and shipping. There are no travel expenses to worry about. You can even catch great online deals that lead to even bigger savings. 12% of the funds that were spent on scrubs was through an online scrub retailer, and 25% of healthcare professionals report that they’ve shopped at web-based stores for their scrub uniforms
  • Made in the USA: Scrubs made in America must adhere to certain labor laws and manufacturing regulations, including policies that help protect the environment. Buying American also means that you are supporting the national economy. For all of these reasons and more, almost 8 in 10 American consumers say that they prefer S. made products. Fortunately, Scrub Med scrubs are made right here in the United States. U.S. manufacturing totaled a staggering $5.7 trillion in 2012 alone.
  • Always find the perfect fit: Online scrub shopping helps you find the fit that offers maximum comfort, without sacrificing style. Whether you prefer a petite top and large pants or a maternity scrub set for when you’re expecting, web-based scrub stores have it all. Even if they don’t have your size currently in stock you can still contact them to be notified when a new shipment arrives.

The future of web-based scrub sales is also bright. The online retail sales volume was $231 billion in the U.S. during 2012. This figure is expected to grow to $370 billion by 2017. In 2016, it’s estimated that at least 56% of people will make an online purchase, and the average consumer will spend about $1,738 online. It’s the millennial generation (people aged 18 to 34 years) who spend the most time on the internet. This group also spent an average of $2,000 during 2015, despite the fact that they typically fall into a lower income bracket than many other generations.  Infographic provided by


High Risk Payment Processing: What’s A Merchant To Do?

Finding a merchant provider when your business is considered high risk can seem like a daunting task, what with rejections and often high fees. Bankcard Brokers has experience working with high risk industries and offers payment processing you can trust. Our infographic below shares statistics on the top high risk industries, what contributes to a business being considered high risk and what you can do as a business owner. Infographic provided by


Understanding Home Warranties -Structural vs. Appliances

As the rise in home sales finally occurs in 2016, the demand for home warranties from homeowners is also becoming apparent.  Understanding both structural warranties and systems and appliance warranties, what they cover and how homeowners can protect themselves against the unexpected is now more important than ever!  Infographic provided by


The Benefits of Repowering Your Small Engine

When equipment fails, it is common to jump to the conclusion that the entire vehicle must be replaced. However, there are many benefits to the alternative: repowering. First and foremost is the cost savings. The purchase of a repower kit to replace the engine in an otherwise great piece of equipment is significantly less than the cost of a total replacement. Owners also get the benefit of being able to upgrade their engine and select a new one based on the jobs at hand.

The next time your equipment fails and you are faced with a decision, consider the many benefits of repowering your engine with a kit from Repower Specialists.  Infographic provided by


10 Benefits of Regular Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine that has been used for healing purposes throughout many centuries. The ancient Chinese healing art uses very fine needles to improve the flow of qi, otherwise known as life force energy. Acupuncturists are in tune with the body’s energy channels. This enables them to not only address physical issues that a person may be experiencing, but also the emotional or spiritual concerns that one may have. Because acupuncture can be used for a wide variety of needs, many people find that acupuncture helps to resolve multiple concerns, including some they didn’t expect to improve from acupuncture.

Acupuncture is most commonly recognized for use in general or chronic pain management. While it certainly helps people with these needs, acupuncture can also help patients experience relief from many more physical and emotional issues. Portland naturopaths and licensed acupuncturists  are able to help those suffering from anxiety and depression by working with neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin to aid in improving mood. As many as 33% of those affected by depression seek treatment through acupuncture. Additionally, acupuncture helps decrease the symptoms of insomnia for patients. Many people also find that acupuncture can help improve the immune system, hormone balance, reduce allergies, and help with weight loss management.

Contact Heart Spring Health today to learn more about how you can make an appointment with Portland-based naturopathic health clinic.  Infographic provided by


Going the Distance: The Long Distance Grandparent

The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is special. To the child, their grandparent is equal parts buddy, parent, teacher, benefactor, and translator. Whether it’s a fishing trip, or just a visit to the playground, the child won’t see their grandmother or grandfather as the wise old sage they are; when they turn to face their grandparent, they see grandma or grandpa.

For those grandparents who live a significant distance from their grandchildren, finding time to communicate with them can be difficult. In these situations, utilizing the benefits that certain technologies provide can not only help to maintain a healthy grandparent-grandchild relationship, but it can also help it to grow.  Infographic provided by

How to Choose the Right Commercial Dehumidifier

Commercial dehumidifiers are not created equal. When preparing for a job that requires temporary climate control solutions, it’s critical to examine several factors to help you select the right equipment for your needs. These factors include the type of drying project, size of the job area, and the extend of the moisture present at the site. Factoring these into your decision will help you choose equipment that will get your job done correctly and efficiently, eliminating unnecessary project time and ensuring a quality job. Infographic provided by


The Truth About Scoliosis Fusion Surgery

When scoliosis curves are severe, many doctors recommend surgery. But emerging research has led many patients to wonder if spinal fusion surgery is really the best choice.

2-3% of the U.S. population has scoliosis — that’s 7 million people! In 80% of cases, the cause of scoliosis is unknown.

The infographic below includes statistics on scoliosis fusion surgery, including potential complications, risks, and alternatives.