25 Features Every Online Business Must Have in 2017

For a business to truly succeed online, you need to make sure that your website is packed with features! There are tons of small details that can make a huge difference – both in terms of increasing trust with customers, and also giving them extra functions that aid conversions and improve the overall user experience of your site. It can make your business truly unique from others offering a competitive edge.

This infographic shows 25 features that are key to improving your online business from showcasing your contact information to ensuring that you have a great UX structure that’ll boost conversions and aid usability. Both of which are key in 2017! Building trust within your site by adding testimonials, contact information and social media profiles is a sure way of increasing conversion rates. You can increase conversions through design and also by choosing a reliable web hosting provider.

At UK Web Host Review we’ve tested only the best web hosting companies and have featured some fantastic options for find your next hosting company.

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