Casino Infographic: Iconic scenes from the movie that really happened

This is an infographic that looks at the iconic Casino movie. Featuring legends such as Robert de Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci, the movie has gone on to wow casual audiences and avid gamblers alike since its debut in 1995. The fact that the movie is based on real events makes this Scorsese flick a must see. Its true-to-life characters and the day to day casino operations bring this biographical crime drama to life. The award-winning movie was based on the real life of Frank Rosenthal, a casino boss from Vegas who was responsible for first initiating sports betting in Las Vegas. Contrary to popular belief, Frank managed multiple casinos whereas De Niro only had one to contend with.

This little indiscretion aside, Scorsese manages to pull off what is probably the most widely loved casino movie in existence and follows the accuracy of a true story quite unlike any other biographical movie. Then again, it’s not everyday we face the risk of a mob planted car bomb or an aeroplane loaded with federal agents lands on your lawn. In the infographic below, we take highlights from the movie and brand them as truths based on historical, firsthand accounts as well as biographies and police investigations. Sometimes truth and fiction are closer than one would be lead to believe.
Infographic provided by SmartLiveGaming


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