Choosing Images for Your Infographics

infographic imagesUsing images that are captivating and appealing on your infographics will ensure that the traffic that the infographic receives does not stray. According to internet marketers, the quality of the images that you use for the purpose and intent of data visualization reflects the overall quality of your blog and/or website. It is imperative that you opt for images that are high in quality and have the unique ability to tell some type of story when used together. Here, you will learn how to choose images in such a way that they render the highest level of success for your infographic.

The Basic Checklist for Success

There are many different standards, tips, and techniques on how to choose the best images for your infographics. Essentially, though, the basic checklist for success when it comes to choosing images is 6 basic standards. These are as follows:

  1. The images that you use in your infographics should include those that are bright in color.
  2. The details of the images must be clear and crisp.
  3. The image must have good exposure and optimal lighting.
  4. The composition of the image should be considered good.
  5. The details of your images should not be grainy or have any type of blurring.
  6. You should ensure that the images that you elect to use have not been used on previous infographics that you have created.

Become Familiar with Image Licenses
As you search for images on the internet, you must come to understand that there are three basic types of image licenses. They are as follows:

  1. Creative Commons – In most instances, images that are under the “Creative Commons” license has been set up by a nonprofit organization so that photographers and image creators may license their work with ease. These images may or may not be used for commercial purposes. In most cases, you will be required to provide a credit to the image that you use, but, will not be required to pay for the image.
  2. Royalty Free – The images that are placed under this license are typically in stock photo websites. In most instances, you will only be required to pay for this license in order to use the chosen image once.
  3. Public Domain – When an image is under this particular license, it means that the photographer of the creator of the license has chosen to place their work in the public domain, to be used by anyone and everyone. No special payment or additional license is required in order to use an image for your infographics that is obtained from a public domain.

Choosing images for your infographics is exceptionally important. The quality of your images must be placed as a priority so that you are able to captivate your target audience. Choosing images for infographics is not as easy as just grabbing any image that you see on the internet. You must ensure that you understand the licenses associated with images to ensure that you are using the ones you choose in a legal fashion. For more information on creating infographics, click HERE.

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