Spend Less – Get More (Running Shoes Study)

The research that Jens Jakob Andersen (lead researcher) and Wojciech Fedyszyn (assistant) conducted comes to a bunch of really interesting and surprising conclusions when it comes to running shoes, their prices, brands and level of satisfaction. The guys analyzed 134,867 user reviews from 391 running shoes at RunRepeat.

Other than that, the researchers also made use of list prices from 24 brands on the same running shoes. Doing that allowed Jens and Wojciech to get both shoe and brand specific data as a result of their meticulous work. It goes without saying that it’s not 100% perfect (as any other study out there) so you still need to take that into account while looking through the results.

You can rest assured that you will be surprised at least a few times. For one, it turns out that you don’t really need to spend tons of money to be happy with your running shoes. Though it may sound extremely counterintuitive, the study proves that the price of your running shoes and the level of satisfaction with your running shoes are not proportionally dependent at all.

Moreover, it looks that the higher is the price of the running shoes, the higher are the odds that you will not be satisfied with your running shoes. Go figure! On that note, it works the other way around as well. The cheaper is the price of your running shoes, the higher is the chance that you’re actually going to be satisfied with your buy.


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