Get Instant Backlinks from Your Infographics with These Quick Tips

backlinks from inforgraphicsWhile it is true that infographics are created for a large assortment of reasons – such as generating public awareness, building brand recognition, sharing important information about products and/or services – the most common reason for infographics is to increase the total number of backlinks that point to a specific website. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have a website and that you have an interest in increasing the number of backlinks pointing to that website so that you may increase your rank in popular search engines, such as Google. Here, you will learn how to do just that! Continue reading for information on how to instantly obtain backlinks from your infographics:

  1. The first and, perhaps, the easiest method of obtaining a large number of backlinks from your infographic that point back to your website is to encourage your target audience to share your creation. The standard, when it comes to sharing, is to make certain that there are social media “share” buttons displayed clearly on your creation. At the minimum, you should include a button for Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. When encouraging your viewers to share your infographic, it is important that you include a call to action. For example; “If you enjoyed this infographic, share it using the buttons here”, or, something along those lines. This is a gentle, yet precise, method of getting your viewers to share the infographic that you have created and increase the backlinks to your website.
  2. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that your website is written in English. It is also quite likely that your infographics are in English; therefore, most of the backlinks that you will obtain through your infographic will be English. This is just common sense; however, you should always strive to obtain international links, as well. This is very easy. All you really have to do is just get the infographic that you create translated into other languages. You could opt for French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, and even UK English! The choice is yours! Best of all, you will have an increased amount of traffic from those countries!
  3. The third and final step for increasing the amount of backlinks through your infographics is to submit your creations to all of the infographic distribution databases that are currently in existence on the World Wide Web. Examples include InfoGraphics Online, Pure Infographics, Cool Infographics, Daily Infographic, Infographic Journal, and others.

It is relatively easy to build backlinks to your website through the infographics that you create. Not only will this result in massive amounts of inbound traffic, but, it will help you rank high across all major search engines, such as Google. The three techniques that will allow you to obtain a massive number of backlinks in the quickest amount of time are to encourage your target audience to share your creation on social media platforms, have your infographics translated into different languages, and to post on infographic distribution platforms. If you require more information on creating infographics, click HERE.

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