Google Knowledge Graph Optimization Strategies for the New Year for Infographic Designers

Google Knowledge Graph Optimization StrategiesIf you are an infographic designer for your business, it is imperative that you learn a few Google Knowledge Graph optimization strategies that will help you rank higher in the New Year. This form of optimization is the process of assisting Google in understanding what it is that your business is all about and all pages associated with your business – especially your infographics. Immediately after the release of the algorithm by Google called Hummingbird, it became very evident that the company’s Knowledge Graph would be the basis of all future searches. When it comes to content marketing, nearly 80% of all of your efforts should be placed on aiding internet users in discovering what they want easily and quickly. By learning about Google Knowledge Graph optimization and utilizing the strategies during the New Year, your infographics will do this AND bring high levels of success to your online marketing endeavors.

It’s All about User Experience

The first step to properly optimizing your infographics for the Google Knowledge Graph is to know and understand that this is all about the user experience. It is not about “tricking” Google or ranking high for keywords and/or keyword phrases. We need to step outside the virtual “box” of manipulating the spiders, robots, and programs behind Google and step inside the realm of internet user satisfaction. We have bound by “computer pleasing” for too long. We should not pursue our passions in order to appeal to a machine. We need to take it back and get “real”. That is, to appeal to the REAL people within our target audience. In order to optimize user experience to optimize our infographics for the Google Knowledge Graph, we should do the following:

  • Ensure that all infographics utilize the proper colors. For more information, visit the guide on color psychology.
  • Special attention should be placed on the layout, the navigational buttons, and the positioning of the visuals and data included on the infographics.
  • The content, itself, should be high in quality. All content should include a very specific call to action.

Focus on the People

To ensure that your infographics are properly optimized for the Google Knowledge Graph, you must always ensure that you are focusing on the people that you are designing your infographics for – NOT the mechanics of the search engine, itself. Regardless of the technological changes that occur in our society, people will remain, for the most part, consistent. That is, they will want content that is relevant, organized, and placed in such a way that they are able to access that content on a multitude of internet-accessible devices. Essentially, Knowledge Graph optimization is nothing more than HUMANoptimization. If you make infographics with your target audience in mind, you are sure to rank high in Google. As a result of this ranking, your business is sure to be optimized for the Knowledge Graph. If you have an interest in learning more about how to design human-appealing infographics, click HERE.

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