Increase the Popularity of Your Infographics by Using Reddit Marketing

redditIf you would like to increase the popularity of the infographics that you create, you should start by engaging in a Reddit marketing campaign. Considered to be one of the single most controversial of all major websites currently online, Reddit has the unique capability of reaching and influencing a very large audience. Many marketers mistakenly believe that simply creating and posting infographics is all that needs to be done in order to drive traffic to their blog and/or website. Unfortunately, this is not true. Marketers must publish their infographics in central locations where internet users gather in order to achieve the success that they desire. Reddit is one of those locations. Continue reading to learn how using Reddit may benefit your infographic marketing campaign.

Basis Statistics
In order to truly understand the immense power associated with Reddit, we feel it is important to share a few basic statistics. Alexa has ranked Reddit as the 9th most popular website throughout the United States. Worldwide, it is considered to be the 33rd most popular website. In addition to this staggering statistic, the following aids in sharing the immense popularity of Reddit:

  • It has been established that there are well over 36 individual users on Reddit that span across an area that includes 209 individual countries.
  • Each month, the website has over 200 million individual visitors.
  • Reddit receives well over 8 billion page views each and every single month.
  • When evaluating those that use and visit Reddit, it has been established that the users have some of the highest levels of education of any other website.

The Ultimate Link Aggregator
By all definitions, Reddit is considered to have the capabilities and the reach of a social media platform; however, it is in the form of a link aggregation service. In fact, Reddit is considered to be the ULTIMATE link aggregator. It is a known fact that Reddit has the unique capability of transforming a struggling website into an immensely popular website – literally, just over night! Additionally, the links placed on Reddit typically end up on one of the major social media platforms within a day. This means that by using it to promote your infographics, you will experience an immense amount of social media success, too!

Be a Redditor, Not a Marketer
Once you have established that Reddit should be used as part of your online marketing strategy to promote the infographics that you create, you should commit to becoming a Redditor and not remaining a marketer. When promoting your infographics, it is imperative that you do not make it obvious that it is part of your marketing campaign. Infographics must be contributed in a positive way. In fact, you should first start with Reddit by working on building your reputation. This is possible by participation. Once you have a solid reputation and are well-received by other Reddit users, you may then share your infographics. If you would like more information on how to succeed with your infographics, click HERE.

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