Social Media Will Increase Infographic Traffic

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have the unique ability of drastically increasing infographic traffic. In fact, in recent years, it has been established that the social media platforms that are currently in existence have the unique capability of providing powerful results for businesses because of their far-reaching abilities. Additionally, these platforms are considered to be highly beneficial in building recognition amongSocial Media Will Increase Infographic Traffic brands, providing an arena for customer engagement, generating high-quality leads, and resulting in high conversion rates. In order to understand the sheer power of social media, consider the following:

  • To date, Facebook is said to have 1.35 billion users.
  • Every two seconds, two new people sign up for an account on the ever-popular, LinkedIn.
  • Every 60 seconds, 300 hours of video are placed on YouTube.

Developing a Social Media Strategy
Now that you have a basic understanding of just how popular the various social media websites are, worldwide, it is time to start developing a social media strategy that will increase the amount of traffic to your infographics. Based on information received from internet marketers online, the following steps should be followed on any social media strategy to ensure that it has the highest level of success:

  1. When creating your infographics, it is important to ensure that the content is high in quality, relevant, and emotionally moving. The most successful infographics are often highly creative and are considered to be exceptionally edgy.
  2. Once you have your infographics created, you should reach out to others in your industry. It is best to opt for those that are considered to be “leaders”. When you make contact, you should ask those in your industry to promote your content by placing links to it in their social media pages, blog about your infographics, and share your content. This will aid in accumulating high-quality traffic that wants to see the content that you are sharing.
  3. Finally, you should create a solid, social media marketing plan. This includes ensuring that you have regularly-scheduled posts where you link to your infographics and that you create a blog where you may discuss the key facts pertaining to your infographics. Your social media marketing plan should be completed before you delve into your promotional efforts. By having a plan in place, you are sure to find that your efforts render higher levels of success.

In today’s world, social media platforms are the absolute way to achieve success when promoting the infographics that you create. Not only will you find that your infographics are shared more regularly and get more views, the social signals that come from this type of activity will also increase your level of success as far as search engine ranking is concerned. Creating infographics, alone, will limit the amount of success that you experience. In fact, many businesses find that infographics, alone, offer no true benefits; however, by combining infographics with social media, the sky is the limit! For more information on creating visually stunning and engaging infographics that have a high conversion rate, visit us today by clicking HERE.

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